Word of the Year

We each decided that for this installment of Light Entwined, we would see what we could create around our individual words of the year.  For each of us, the intention around the word is different.  A goal, a prayer, a mystery.  It will be fun, as the year progresses, to see how these words unfold for us.  Perhaps an end of the year challenge will be to photograph them again, from our future perspectives.

One of our writers, Brooke Bergan, responded to these images with this piece:


words rest on a page

light as birds alight

on boughs in sudden

murmuration veil

the twilit sky lift, 

land, lift once

more buds aswirl

in a random breeze

are words again

still on the page

Sparkle - photo by Willy Wilson

Sparkle - photo by Willy Wilson

Trust - photo by Barb Toyama

Trust - photo by Barb Toyama

Alive - Jennifer Kapala

Alive - Jennifer Kapala